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Water and Beverage Donation in Dubai

Together with the diligent team of Nammos Dubai, Monterock International joins forces in order to distribute 15,000 bottles of various beverages across several locations in Dubai, UAE.

One of Monterock International’s core values is its accountability and social responsibilities especially to its surrounding communities Monterock recognizes the world’s fragility and commits to supporting others in need.

The approach to social responsibility predominantly focuses on local causes, especially in areas where our portfolio projects are situated such as Dubai, Mykonos and Montenegro. This month Monterock established an initiative in collaboration with the Nammos Dubai team (one of the paramount F&B concepts within our portfolio), in order to donate water and various beverages to those in need in several locations in Dubai in order to assist manual labour employees to stay healthy, and hydrated during the scorching summer heat.

15,000 bottles of water, juices and kefir in total were distributed in various locations, such as Dubai Investment Park, Alqouz Industrial Area and Albarsha Area, with 30 employees coordinating the action. Overall, Monterock International strives to find innovative solutions and collaborative approaches to aid vulnerable communities and those in need of support, and to continuously propel its humanitarian and altruistic agenda.

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