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Sucre is a modern interpretation of traditional Latin American open-fire cooking dining concept. Since opening in Buenos Aires in 2001, SUCRE has been at the forefront of contemporary Argentinian cuisine. Founded by Chef Fernando Trocca the restaurant pays tribute to Argentina and its Mediterranean roots.

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Largely, it is a representation of Argentina’s unique heritage: warm, inclusive, lively and experiential. The food draws inspiration from Trocca’s Spanish-Italian heritage and his extensive travels around South America. SUCRE was launched on the global stage in 2021 with openings in London, Dubai and Lebanon. Tucked away beneath SUCRE in Soho, London, is ALMA, a luxurious yet vibrant cocktail bar with an unassuming exterior and vintage decor. Alma is a sanctuary for those who seek elegance and style while appreciating the beauty of human expression and creativity.