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Innovative Recycling / FC Carbon

Innovative Recycling FC Carbon is a Switzerland based company that has been industrializing carbon fibre waste products for the past ten years with limitless potential in all major technologic sectors. The use of carbon fibre - light, resistant and versatile - has been held back due to the high costs of the raw material and the difficulty in processing it. The recycled fibre maintains the quality of the virgin fibres, however at a substantially lower cost. The products made with their fibres are innovative and of high quality without neglecting the environmental aspect.

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Recycling carbon fibres not only reduces the environmental burden caused by carbon fibre scraps, but it also helps create an equally strong and versatile product as the virgin carbon fibre in a cost-effective way. Innovative Recycling deals with classic products such as powder, but has expanded its production, providing materials in various sectors such as health, with prostheses and maxillofacial templates; sport & leisure, specifically for racing bicycles; automotive sector, in particularly concerning the braking systems; and fashion, with the development of buckles and various accessories.