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Em Sherif

Founded by Mireille Hayek, Em Sherif is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Lebanon. With a passion for transforming traditional Arabic recipes into unique culinary experiences, Mireille, often referred to as “Em Sherif”, has established a brand synonymous with luxury and authenticity. Via its joint venture with Alpha Dhabi, ADMO Lifestyle Holding, Monterock has decided to acquire a percentage stake in Em Sherif’s global brand entity.

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Since its inception in 2011, Em Sherif has expanded its offerings to include the renowned Em Sherif Restaurant, the elegant Em Sherif Café, and the contemporary Em Sherif Sea Café, which celebrates Lebanon’s deep connection to the Mediterranean. Each establishment under the Em Sherif banner promises a blend of traditional flavours, innovative dishes, and an ambiance that resonates with Lebanese hospitality and culture. 

Em Sherif has established a significant global presence, apart from Lebanon it has opened its concepts in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Cairo, Monaco at the Hotel De Paris, Qatar, and the iconic Harrods in London among many other cities.