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Monterock Sponsoring World Human Forum’s Alpha Generation Event: Delos’ Global Gathering

For the second consecutive year, Monterock International proudly sponsored the World Human Forum's (WHF) Alpha Mission Delos. This year's event, aptly titled Alpha Generation, took place on the 3rd and 4th of June on the iconic Island of Delos, Greece.

Alpha Mission Delos, initiated by the World Human Forum, strives to raise awareness around the ecological and social crises, fostering the creation of a life-affirming civilization by blending mythology, the arts, and space technology. This year’s event marked the initiation of the Alpha Generation.
In early June, partners congregated in Delos to collaboratively design and develop the next steps of this ambitious project, becoming the inaugural stars of the constellation. This collaboration showcased the immense potential of united efforts – both mega and micro – in tackling our world’s pressing issues. The urgency of our planetary situation underlined the significance of World Human Forum’s Alpha Generation. As our world faces unprecedented challenges, it’s crucial for us to work together, treating each other with kindness, preserving our ‘pale blue dot’ – the only home we’ve ever known.
The event echoed Carl Sagan’s poignant words from ‘Pale Blue Dot’ (1994), emphasizing the need for a paradigm shift towards a life-affirming civilization, where humanity lives symbiotically with all life forms. Alpha Generation embodies the birth of a new global generation, equipped to adopt, enrich, and exemplify this new paradigm. We have aptly named this generation ‘Alpha’ because they represent the beginning, the inception of a fresh mindset aimed at redirecting humanity with life and harmony at its core. They are the “imaginal cells” guiding our evolutionary metamorphosis. The event employed an ‘overview effect’ approach, adopting a global perspective to leverage local change.
The Alpha Generation Educational Constellation emerged from this strategy, interlinking schools, educators, organizations, people, and initiatives worldwide. This united force aspires to repurpose education to serve the purpose of logeviety, not just the economy. Monterock International, as a sponsor, was honored to be a part of this initiative for the second time. We believe that supporting transformative events like Alpha Mission Delos aligns with our commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility. We’re excited about the ripple effects of the Alpha Generation, and look forward to contributing to such pioneering initiatives in the future.