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Monterock International to Sponsor Aman Venice for this year’s Venice Hospitality Challenge

This year, the annual Venice Hospitality Challenge takes form in a classic maritime regatta tradition, where with the support of Monterock , Aman Venice will be participating amongst the finest hotels in Venice.

Mauro Pelaschier, the legendary Italian sailor, will helm the debut of Aman Venice in the Venice Hospitality Challenge – Gran Premio Città di Venezia on October 14. This exciting Maxi Yacht sets the finest 5-star hotels of the Serenissima against each other, transforming the tranquil waters of the lagoon into a truly unique global stage.

This extraordinary regatta, the only one held within a city circuit, features seventeen Maxi Yachts representing fifteen of Venice’s most renowned hotels, joined by the team “Città di Venezia/Salone Nautico” and by the Naval Military School “Francesco Morosini.”

Aman Venice – with the support of the long-standing partner, multinational, private equity holding company, Monterock International – chooses to participate in this highly significant event in a particularly meaningful year, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of both the hotel and the regatta.

Guiding the Flying Dragon, the Maxi Yacht proudly carrying the Aman Venice flag, will be Mauro Pelaschier, the historic helmsman of Azzurra in the America’s Cup, and a passionate ambassador for the One Ocean Foundation, dedicated to marine conservation and education. This mission deeply resonates with Aman Venice, as they ardently commit to preserving the invaluable waters of the Venetian archipelago through stringent eco-friendly practices, aimed at waste reduction and fostering awareness among guests and staff. The property maintains a close partnership with Marevivo, a non- profit organization affiliated with Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, dedicated to safeguarding marine protected areas and promoting environmental education and training. Furthermore, the hotel’s staff has wholeheartedly eliminated the use of plastic bottles and actively participates in volunteer initiatives to maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhood.

“We are elated to partake in this thrilling event, particularly special as we celebrate our tenth anniversary,” commented Licinio Garavaglia, General Manager of Aman Venice. “We are honored to be represented by the Flying Dragon team and its legendary skipper, Mauro Pelaschier, with whom we share a commitment to sustainability and marine ecosystem protection. The Aman Venice team actively strives to minimize its impact on the city’s ecosystem, constantly seeking innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption, limit the use of non-recyclable materials, and raise awareness among guests.”

Overall, This collaboration is a beautiful tribute to the classic world of sailing, and a wonderful opportunity to relaunch the image of luxury tourism in the city.”

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